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Dan Carey of Carey Custom Rifle Co has well over 35 years experience building match grade custom rifles, long range handguns and custom AR 15 rifles.

We build world class rifles.

Some have gone big game hunting around the world.

Some have gone predator and varmint hunting.

Some have set world accuracy records.



Along the way, I was able to get some free advertising in the way of front page cover featured guns and articles, too many to list them all.


The word match grade is grossly misused in advertising today. Match grade should mean, you can use these parts in your rifle in a registered match and expect to have equipment that's capable of winning. That's not the case.

Real match grade parts are available, but not all parts advertised as match grade, are match grade. We use many parts made by others in a custom rifle. Such as custom rifle actions. It helps to know their products and choose the parts that best suit the needs of the shooter.

We match every component used in building the rifle, whether it's a bolt action or an AR platform rifle. Every part we use is checked thoroughly for dimension, square and alignment before it is installed, any part not meeting our standard is re-machined by us or returned to the supplier or destroyed.

We separate ourselves from other builders by not being brand loyal, but by buying the best parts and building a rifle from those parts. We use Rock River, DPMS and Stag parts in the AR platform, we no longer recommend Timney AR 15 Triggers. Bolt action rifles are limited to Remington and custom actions only.

Many of the jigs and tooling we use, are made in our shop and are often unlike what others use.

The barrels we use in custom rifles are from barrel manufacturers that make real match grade barrels and it's their only business. We also check every barrel before any machining is started. We stock and use Shilen barrels

We don't build rifles from kits, we precision chamber to bench rest standards all the barrels we install, we do not use barrels chambered by others. We use proprietary methods in our fitting and chambering and it has proven to be worth the extra effort. World records have been set with rifles built in this shop!

We not only say we build the best, we back it up with a lifetime warranty on our work.


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